Parent Schedule

Daily check Check your child’s book bag for school notices, event flyers, and school forms to be completed and returned.
check Review your child’s homework

- Ask about assignments and help the child if he/she asks for help.

- Make sure all assignments are complete and written neatly.

- If there are any questions about your child’s homework feel free to write a note to his/her teacher.

check Read, Read, Read

- Set aside time to read with your child or have your child read to you. (elementary)

- Discuss current events (middle/high school)

check Check your child’s Power of Choice Point Sheet or review their teacher journal.
  check Ask specific questions about your child’s school day, (see examples)

- What did you learn in Math class today?

- What did you learn in Social Studies?

- Who did you play with during recess?

Montly check Attend at least one school event, activity or meeting – for example school assembly/performances, School Leadership Team Meetings, Parent Association Meetings, and Parents’ Breakfast/Workshop.
check Take your child somewhere educational and interactive. (Don’t be afraid to travel outside of your own borough and see the city). Some of these places have programs for children with special needs - museums, libraries, gardens, parks, zoos, aquariums, and New York City Landmarks.
Year check Attend IEP reviews – come prepared to talk about your child’s academic goals not just their social skills. The IEP process is a joint effort and your involvement in this process is essential to ensure an appropriate program for your child. This is the plan that will be used in educating your child, so if you have any questions or suggestions, this would be the most appropriate time to discuss them.
check Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year. Parents should attend at least one of these conferences. This is a “golden opportunity” to meet with your child’s teacher about his/her progress.


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