Parents' Association

Parent involvement is a key component of our school. A variety of events are held throughout the school year to promote parent involvement.

The Parents’ Association plays an essential role in our school. It provides leadership and direction to parents seeking to become more involved in their children’s education and within the school community. Our Parents’ Association is a good place for parents to find out what is happening in the school. Through involvement in the Association, parents can learn how the school operates and get to know each other.

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There will be a Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE) to advise families of citywide special education services (District 75).

• Nine of the eleven voting members of the CCSE will be parents of students receiving citywide special education services.

• Two additional voting members will be appointed by the Public Advocate and must have extensive experience and knowledge in educating, training or employing individuals with disabilities.

• A high school senior receiving citywide special education services (District 75) will be selected by the superintendent of citywide special education and will serve as a non-voting member for one year.

• All members selected and/or appointed in spring 2016 will serve for one year. Beginning in the spring of 2017, parent selections and Public Advocate appointments will take place every two years.

Please note that parents of students who receive special education services but are enrolled in a general education school (i.e., not District 75), are not eligible for the CCSE. Those parents are encouraged to apply to their local Community Education Council or the Citywide Council on High Schools to help ensure that all local councils also represent the needs of students receiving special education services.

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